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Carrasco Brothers    by Cooper Productions LLC   

The Carrasco Brothers:


Left:  Carrasco Brothers & Telemundo TV            Right: Richy at another Media event

Telemundo Television flew out from Miami to WLAC, interviewed and taped the Carrasco Brothers recently, at the International Gravity Sports Association/WLAC  Slalom Racing Event, on Nov. 2  2003, for their Extreme Action Sports Show.


Rene, Richy & David...

known collectively as the Flying Carrasco Brothers, the Carrascos' passion for skateboarding still runs deep to this day.  In the 1970s, the brothers performed over 2,000 demos as members of the Pepsi skateboard team.  I was fortunate to see them skate their plexiglass half-pipe at Knott's Berry farm, back in the mid-70's.  They were also pioneers of the homemade backyard skatepark.  Their entire backyard was covered in wooden ramps.

RichySpinW360KingShirt.jpg (26854 bytes)    Richy   

While each brother excelled in pools, slalom, downhill and freestyle, they did have their specialties.  Richy was known and is still known as a world-class 360 spinner and he was one of the first skaters to have his own signature wheel.  Produced by Hobie, the Carrasco Spinners were specially designed wheels for spinning 360s.  Since 1978, Richy has been the undefeated world champion of 360s.  Despite the passage of time, Richy can still spin well over 150 revolutions without stopping.  I've seen lots of Pros compete in 360 events, but I have never seen anyone spin as fast as Richy.  If you ever get the chance, he's incredible to watch!  

Brother, David was both a Slalom and Downhill racing champion.  

Brother, Rene pioneered the use of Sky Hooks, which were special attachments that enabled him to achieve massive airs before the ollie.  The brothers would do helicopters in mid-air and took the Sky Hooks in to empty swimming pools.           

Rene =>        

 Sun_David_Carrasco_2003_.jpg (34863 bytes)    Sun_Rene_Carrasco_2003_.jpg (41238 bytes)    Sun_Richy_Carrasco_2003_.jpg (36983 bytes)

rene'  "cannonball"  carrasco

Updates from Rene himself (October, 2003)::


....We even raced @ Morro Bay World Championship again last month !
Richy got 3rd !!!!!!  - in Hybrid Slalom Event . - "Luca" got 4th in that event ! ! 
I gotta spread it out MORE with Freestyle, Pools , street stuff, Longboard, etc. ! 
Did you see Rhyn Nolls Skate History Book ?  "Skateboarding  Past  Present  Future"
What do you think of it ?  It's on Schiffer Books....
Hey Lynn - last Aug. I set a NEW RECORD for the 100 Cone Slalom Racing Challenge !
- It was in Irvine, Calif.  -  - - - I set the new record for 50 yrs. and over DIVISION .
Steve Evans set a NEW RECORD for 45 and over DIVISION .
....Keep up the good job you do PROMOTING FREESTYLE !!!
- I  made  a  BRAND NEW SKATE WEB SITE - check it out - - - -
- - - - - - click on   www.renecarrasco.com  
Take care, bro. -  ...............................-Rene' "Cannonball" Carrasco !"


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