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Christian Hosoi    by Cooper Productions LLC   



I was recently contacted by "Risen Magazine", a Christian-based publication.  They were requesting photos and historical information for an article they were writing.  They succeeded in conducting an "exclusive" Onsite prison interview with world-famous skateboarder Christian Hosoi.  The interview is entitled "Christian Hosoi: in Full Light".  The article is nothing less than INCREDIBLE!

Here is an excerpt:

In the mid-1980s, skateboarding was blowing up.  Not only were skaters adding to their ranks daily, but the sport/art was in the process of reinventing itself--moving higher, faster and wilder on streets, ramps and in pools.  Running near the front of the  pack were Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero and Mark Anthony.  Beyond them were two skaters who, with no competition, competed against each other.  When Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi faced off, something spectacular was inevitable.  Now, nearly 20 years later, it's no secret to America's teenagers or their parents what happened to Hawk--the Game Boy in every kid's home has become an American icon.  But what of his nemesis?

Christian Hosoi had been flying high, in more ways than one.  For stylish airs, nobody came close.  But his inner-man was less than steady on the landing.  He had been off course for some time when he crash landed, arrested for "Trafficking Narcotics across state lines" at the Honolulu Airport, in January 2000.  In his possession at the time was nearly a pound and a half of crystal methamphetamine.  Since that time, "Holmes", as he was sometimes known, has not ridden a skateboard.  Nor has he spent the night with his new bride, Jennifer Lee.  

He lives in Federal Prison Camp... and the story goes on.  

"Christian never went anywhere without a skateboard, now another tool never leaves his side."   (excerpts from Risen Magazine, 10/2003)

After reading this article it is clear to me that Christian has changed his life for the better.  His outlook appears positive and his faith in Christianity is strong.  I would encourage everyone to read and learn from Christian's interview. - Lynn Cooper


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Christian Hosoi - Known for his incredibly huge airs, "Holmes" was one of the biggest vert Superstars of the 80's.  He started life as a Pro on the Sims team and eventually promoted his own line of boards, including "The Hammerhead."


Christian Hosoi0023.jpg (71454 bytes)   

  Christian Hosoi0021.jpg (81522 bytes)

Marina Del Rey ASPO Series 1981



Andrecht Handplant: Lakewood Skatepark 

ASPO Series 1981


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  Christian Hosoi0002.jpg (59269 bytes)

Vancouver, Canada EXPO Contest 1986

Christian Hosoi0006.jpg (56923 bytes)


InFlight Snowboard Shop Skate session - 1990's

Seal Beach, CA

    Christian Hosoi0001.jpg (59151 bytes)   

1986 Worlds Fair EXPO Contest

Vancouver, Canada

  Christian Hosoi0003.jpg (47751 bytes)





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